Rodica Wiszniak, D.D.S. Dentist

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In this “one-to-one” General and Cosmetic dentistry practice, all your appointment time in the office will be spent in the presence of Doctor Wiszniak. The uniqueness of this office is the fact that Doctor Rodica Wiszniak provides all services herself, blending General and Cosmetic Dentistry in each treatment performed.

Among the services provided:

  • Examinations, Xrays and Prophylaxis (cleaning);
  • Smile analysis;
  • Teeth whitening;
  • Composite and porcelain veneers;
  • Composite fillings (mercury free);
  • Crown and bridge restorations (porcelains and traditional);
  • Implant restorations and complete rehabilitation;
  • TMJ appliances.

Doctor Rodica Wiszniak has been a dentist in Aventura since 1990, helping people smile with confidence. Doctor Wiszniak welcomes you in Aventura, in French, English, Spanish, German, Hebrew or Romanian.

Rodica Wiszniak earned a Master’s Degree in Molecular and Human Genetics from the University of Paris VI in 1976, and a Doctor in Dental Surgery Degree from the University of Paris VII Dental School in 1983. After moving to the United States in 1985, she has passed the National Dental Boards in 1986 and the Florida Dental Boards in 1989.

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