Design & Decoration

Design and decorate your life, your home, your office and everything else with the French elegance. Choose from antiques, jewelery, architects, interior designers, your own choice of curtains, glassware, furniture, flowers, and more....all French of course and all in Florida!

Design & Decoration

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  • Furniture
    French Furniture Stores in Florida
  • Interior Decoration
    Interior Decoration
    French interior decoration services and architects
  • Architecture
    French Architecture and architects in Florida

French District

French District is the first online resource to present everything French in USA. Established in 2008, French District is for the French and Francophone in general who live, invest or vacation in the United States.  French District is a professional network and guide to the French savoir faire and joie de vivre in the American neighborhood. We cater to needs in both French and English!

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