Casting for a TV show on TF1!

The French channel is running a program in October and is seeking actors and actresses in Miami. Auditions on Saturday, August 24th, 2013 from 4 pm to 8 pm at the Skydeck – 605 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach – 33139. Your turn!



TF1 production is looking to cast:

  • A handsome, surfer type man who speaks fluent French
  • A handsome French speaking US actor to play the role of the photographer
  • A US actress who speaks French to play the makeup artist
  • 3 or 4 French couples living in Miami that can create an interaction
  • A flamboyant French actress who doesn’t mince words to play the Image Consultant
  • A US actress who speaks French, of a certain age but sexy to play the Couple’s therapist
  • A Cuban actor who will play the tempter
  • A French speaking actor to play the role of a Waltz Dance Professor
  • A French speaking actor, ideally with a Russian accent or Eastern accent to play a Surgeon
  • A US actress who speaks French, very modern, not to play Madame Irma!
  • An actor speaking French to give a course of personal accomplishments (how to succeed in deceiving his family / / advice…) / / smooth talker, Mad Men type.
  • A dove/ pigeon trainer
  • A special effects specialist
  • A Pamela Anderson lookalike
  • A real wedding planner girl who speaks French (mature and outspoken)
  • An (actual) US masseuse
  • 2 (actual) wedding dress vendors who speak French
  • A tatoo artist who can have draw a temporary tattoo on Patrick
  • A nice and real American driver who can interact with the actors.
  • 2 male muscular strip-teasers
  • 2 extras to play credible cops
  • 2 beautiful and muscular boys who can play and teach volleyball (don’t necessarily have to speak French)
  • 5 real salsa dancers

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