A majestic penthouse in the heart of Upper East Side…

Joëlle and Margaux Larroche of Douglas Elliman Real Estate have a magnificent duplex of 2,817 sq. feet in a high rise at – 530 East 76th Street.





Joëlle and Margaux Larroche of Douglas Elliman Real Estate present a 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms condo; with a beautiful high-tech kitchen, dining room, large living room with wooden floors and large windows with breathtaking views of the river and the city.

The building, The Promenade, has fabulous facilities: laundry facilities on each floor, a playroom for children, a swimming pool, gym, saunas, a roof deck, concierge, doorman, valet, and many others.

Infos pratiques

The Promenade
530 East 76th Street, 36E
New York, NY 10021

Price : $5,900,000
Monthly charges : $4,363


The Larroche Team at Douglas Elliman Real Estate
New York, NY 10023

+1 917 770 0626

joelle.larroche @ elliman.com
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