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Be the BBQ Master with this Sausage Kit which includes Pork and Cheddar Cheese, Chipolata, Merguez and Chorizo (serves 8-10). – Pork & Cheddar Cheese , coarsely ground sausage made with pork belly, Vermont cheddar cheese and caramelized onions (4 links, avg 0.9 lb – 400 gr) – Chipolata , a classic French pork belly sausage finely ground, perfect for kids and adults (6 links, avg 0.9 lb – 400 gr) – Merguez , finely ground beef and lamb sausage featuring Middle-Eastern flavors and spiciness in a natural sheep casing (6 links, avg 0.9 lb – 400 gr) – Chorizo , Spanish-style chicken sausage coarsely ground and flavored with fine spices like paprika, and cayenne (6 links, avg 0.9 lb – 400 gr) No antibiotics, no hormones No nitrates or preservatives No artificial ingredients or color Gluten free Product of USA. Made with love