Foie Gras Terrine|7 oz (198 gr) – $49.99




This luxury foie gras terrine is made of whole duck livers and lightly seasoned to preserve its rich and buttery taste. Ingredients : duck foie gras livers, salt, pepper, sugar Avg Weight 7 oz (198 gr, makes about 6-8 slices) and Party Size 1.5 lb (680 gr, makes about 10-12 slices) Fully cooked, ready to serve. Keep Refrigerated. If you have left over, do not freeze, wrap it tightly and keep in the refrigerator to enjoy at a later time. Serving Tips: to avoid slice breakage while slicing, dip a sharp knife into a cup of hot water and repeat between each cut. That way the foie gras slice will not stick the knife blade or break. Preservative-free and filler-free No antibiotics, no hormones No aspic or gelatin added Gluten and Pork free Terrine container is BPA free Product of USA, Made with love