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This is the perfect gift to introduce a friend or guest to French Charcuterie. The Holiday Charcuterie Box includes: Duck & Fig Terrine, a modern combination of sweet and savory coarsely ground duck pâté perfectly balanced with dry figs and caramelized shallots in red wine (Avg Weight 8 oz – 225 gr) Truffle Chicken Liver Mousse, based on a classic French recipe, this truffle mousse is light and elegant to create a moist spread (Avg Weight 7 oz – 195 gr) Pork Rillettes, seasoned, slow cooked in its own fat and shredded to give a smooth texture (Avg Weight 7 oz – 195 gr) Maille Cornichons – Gherkins Original Maille Dijon Mustard Original Keep refrigerated, Ready to serve. The deluxe Charcuterie Spread Gift Box serves 6-10. No antibiotics, no hormones Preservative-free and filler-free No aspic or gelatin added Terrine container is BPA free Product of USA, Made with love