Saint-Germain Petits Fours



UGS : H63129 Catégorie :


The Saint-Germain Petits Fours assortment tray is composed with 8 mini-pastries made up of flavors that are as delicious as they are people-pleasing, in order to delight everyone at your next gathering:6 Strawberry slices (Joconde biscuit, strawberry jelly, buttercream and strawberry compote).6 Almondines with lemon zest, lemon cream, lemon and orange zest.6 Triple chocolate squares (chocolate Joconde biscuit, chocolate crunch, milk chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache and white chocolate mousse).6 Financiers, apricot jelly and chopped pistachios.6 Chocolate crumbles with dark chocolate ganache and dark chocolate cream.6 Caramel and cinnamon financiers with caramelised apple compote, topped with chopped almonds.6 Raspberry cheesecakes (cheesecake and raspberry jelly).6 Opéras (coffee soaked Joconde biscuit, coffee-flavoured buttercream, chocolate ganache and chocolate icing).The Saint-Germain Petits Fours are adapted to vegetarian diets and guaranteed free from artificial coloring, preservatives and flavor enhancers.