They are Little Italy, Chinatown…We are French District!

French neighborhood in your American neighborhood.

Introducing, French District – your online resource and guide to all the French events, happenings, and fun information in the neighborhood…everything French and everything in USA. Let’s add a little Oh la la in life!

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Wondering who we are? Nowadays, the French community in the US is very active. Many sectors of the society and economy here have witnessed French contribution. Who doesn’t know of Cartier, Hermes, L’Oreal or Air France?! You don’t have to be French to enjoy a croissant or creme brulee or ratatouille! And you don’t have to be in France to get a French braid or a French manicure.

With so many French offerings readily available in the market, we figured it was time to bring them all together in one place and call it French District. French District is the first online resource of its type to present to you everything French in USA. French speaking and French loving international population can find their French fixes right here! We are a guide to the French savoir faire and joie de vivre in your neighborhood.

Introduce yourself to La France or rediscover it through French District. We aim to entertain, amuse and give you a French connection in our own way. Add a French touch to your life without having to actually go to France for it!

The stereotypes are strong, but we really don’t smell all that bad. (Here “we” is for “the French”. Showering is strictly enforced in French District. Gotcha!)…Give us a shot, you may find that we are not as pretentious, rude or self-obsessed as presumed…Pardon my French, won’t you?