Why do they buy a home in Brooklyn ?

A tip from Philippe Choplin, Real Estate Agent at Douglas Elliman Real Estate

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Follow the French, they love Brooklyn

Where do the French like to live in New York? It depends on their family situation. Singles live everywhere. The hipsters are in East Village or Lower East Side, the older ones are in Upper East or Upper West Sides. Families have different criteria: Space, greenery and quality of schools are important to them. French speaking families are found mainly north of Manhattan in Westchester County, in the Upper East Side, or in Brooklyn around Carroll Gardens because of French and Franco-American schools and high schools.

Why does Brooklyn attract the French ?

It is now impossible to come to New York without visiting Brooklyn. From Greenpoint in the north to Prospect Park in the east, the part of Brooklyn located 5 stops or less from Manhattan is full of French people.

DUMBO and Williamsburg have been must see for years. But Greenpoint, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Carroll Gardens are rising destinations. What attracts them there ?

  • The level of street noise is much lower than that of Manhattan
  • The greenery is abundant, 3 times more trees in Brooklyn than in Manhattan
  • The sky is visible and bright because the architecture is lower
  • The loft spirit of old warehouses or the beauty of rows of brownstones, the Village spirit, the vintage shops, the trendy cafes and restaurants

With the rezoning of Williamsburg, the Navy Yard, DUMBO and Industry City, Downtown Brooklyn and others, you can live and work in Brooklyn. Going to Manhattan only becomes necessary when going to a business meeting, a museum or a Broadway show.

Where do they like to buy real estate in Brooklyn ?

Brooklyn is about 3 times larger than Manhattan. Watch a subway map and focus on connected neighborhoods. Learn about schools, and come visit with opened eyes. For example, look at the street signs ! They are typically green with white letters. But Brooklyn is also full of brown signs with white letters. The signal that the architecture is protected and that it is impossible to build a high-rise in front of your home.

As a real estate agent at Douglas Elliman Real Estate, the leader in Manhattan and Brooklyn I help you discover my favorite neighborhoods on my Instagram account.

Below are some useful data about the Brooklyn neighborhoods that my clients prefer.

Brooklyn real estate by Neighborhood

Key real estate data about Brooklyn: Number of new and resale homes sold in 2017 in selected neighborhoods, Number of bedrooms, Average price, and the Price of square foot knowing that here in NYC, sizes are either “indicative” or unknown:

  • 2 bedroom – 906 units – average price $ 1,233,000 – average price of sqft $ 1,111
  • 3 bedroom – 352 units – average price $ 2,190,000 – sqft average price $ 1,306


North of Williamsburg. Old Polish colony with a mix of houses, small buildings and old warehouses. Greenpoint is developing according to the model of Williamsburg and its riverfront will soon be replaced with high-rise. Still charming and provincial, trendy and young.

  • 2 bedroom – 72 units – average price $ 1,320,000 – average price of sqft $ 1,257
  • 3 bedroom – 16 units – average price $ 1,740,000 – average price of sqft $ 1,296


It is impossible not to have heard of Brooklyn’s hipster neighborhood. The first metro station after Manhattan. Cool cafes, restaurants, clubs, vintage shops. And more and more young families draining the businesses that go with them, pet shops, Apple Store and Whole Foods. Very few sales, many rentals, there are two different Williamsburgs on either side of the Brooklyn-Queens-Expressway BQE.

  • 2 bedroom – 49 units – average price $ 1,057,000 – sqft average price $ 1,011
  • 3 bedroom – 10 units – average price $ 1,421,000 – average price of sqft $ 974


Continue on the L train past Williamsburg, and you will arrive in Bushwick. This is the route that the artists followed. Having been pushed back from West Village to East Village, then to Williamsburg and now to Bushwick because of the rising prices of homes in NYC. A permanent exhibition of street art in a neighborhood that evolves very quickly.

  • 2 bedroom – 10 units – average price $ 875,000 – average price per sqft $ 710
  • 3 bedroom – 7 units – average price $ 1,000,000 – average price of sqft $ 675


Another area located on the 1st train stop outside of Manhattan. DUMBO is located between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges south of Williamsburg. The architecture is almost exclusively made up of old warehouses, many of which belonged to the Jehovah Witnesses. Very touristy and urban with magical views of Manhattan.

  • 2 bedroom – 71 units – average price $ 1,904,000 – sqft average price $ 1,377
  • 3 bedroom – 49 units – average price $ 3,284,000 – average price per sqft $ 1,517

Brooklyn Heights

Just south of DUMBO and very well served by 3 subway lines, Brooklyn Heights has been aristocratic and protected for years. You will find chic co-ops, brownstones and carriage houses, old homes made of brick or wood. Quiet, busy on Montague Street, with a wonderful boardwalk.

  • 2 bedroom – 94 units – average price $ 1,493,000 – average price per sqft $ 1,234
  • 3 bedroom – 37 units – average price $ 3.113.000 – average price of sqft $ 1,598

Cobble Hill

South extension of Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill is very similar to its neighbor. Most of the streets are under the control of the National Landmarks. Quiet and chic family living in established co-ops or brownstones around quality schools.

  • 2 bedroom – 37 units – average price $ 1.425.000 – average price of sqft $ 1.197
  • 3 bedroom – 10 units – average price $ 1,960,000 – average price of sqft $ 1,197

Boerum Hill

A little known enclave wedged between Downtown Brooklyn and Carroll Gardens. The downtown buildings give way to the rows of townhouses from Boerum Hill and South. Protected architecture bordering the administrative buildings of downtown. Shopping on the main artery Atlantic Avenue.

  • 2 bedroom – 87 units – average price $ 1,432,000 – sqft average price $ 1,222
  • 3 bedroom – 62 units – average price $ 2.151.000 – sqft average price $ 1.359

Carroll Gardens

South of Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens is the favorite village of French families with young children. Busy in Court and Smith Streets; shops, restaurants with outdoor spaces, cafes and parks. Bastille Day on July 14th and petanque in the middle of the street! International schools and French programs.

  • 2 bedroom – 42 units – average price $ 1,210,000 – average price of sqft $ 1,074
  • 3 bedroom – 28 units – average price $ 2,260,000 – average price of sqft $ 1,275

Fort Greene

East of Downtown Brooklyn, the architecture becomes low again with beautiful rows of brownstones near the park and its organic market. This quiet and trendy neighborhood is enlivened by the proximity of Barclay’s Center, Brooklyn Academy of Music, the new food court market, Apple Store and other large stores.

  • 2 bedroom – 48 units – average price $ 1,071,000 – average price of sqft $ 974
  • 3 bedroom – 12 units – average price $ 1,275,000 – average price of sqft $ 1,060

Clinton Hill

East of Fort Greene. These two neighborhoods are under the artistic influence of Pratt Institute students of art and design who bring their ideas of cheap but trendy renovation. Young and artistic population, restaurants, cafes, and vintage shops.

  • 2 bedroom – 94 units – average price $ 873,000 – average price per sqft $ 873
  • 3 bedroom – 14 units – average price $ 1,644,000 – sqft average price $ 1,265


Very large neighborhood with young and multi ethnic population attracted by larger spaces at the expense of a longer commuting time. Already cool and trendy near Clinton Hill, quieter and suburban as the distance increases.

  • 2 bedroom – 64 units – average price $ 871,000 – average price per sqft $ 811
  • 3 bedroom – 4 units – average price $ 1,038,000 – average price per sqft $ 761


South of Boerum Hill, East of Carroll Gardens and West of Park Slope. An industrial area of ​​no architectural interest, but which could benefit from the same effect as the High-Line in Chelsea when the canal is finally renovated. For young people who love the industrial chic style.

  • 2 bedroom – 17 units – average price $ 1.122 – sqft average price $ 1.132
  • 3 bedroom – 0 units – average price $ N / A – average price of sqft $ N / A

Park Slope

The aristocratic counterpart of Brooklyn Heights. Further away, without the view of Manhattan, but with a magnificent architecture of co-ops and large townhouses. For families wishing to enjoy the park and the museum.

  • 2 bedroom – 215 units – average price $ 1.120.000 – average price of sqft $ 1.125
  • 3 bedroom – 101 units – average price $ 1,825,000 – average price of sqft $ 1,250

As in any city in the world, real estate prices are dependant upon the condition of the property, the floor and the amount of light, the type of property and layout, and amenities and services in the building. All prices given are actual data computed for 2017. Philippe Choplin of Douglas Elliman Real Estate is at your service for any information when you decide to sell or buy a home in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

Remember that in New York City, every agent has access to the entire market. There is no exclusivity. Choose your agent well because there is no point in having more than one. He will advise you and prepare you buy the home of your dream, or sell your house fast at the best price.

Disclaimer: Clients call us realtor, broker or real estate agent. Our legal title in New York is Real Estate Salesperson

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