Rendez-vous with Eguisheim: The birthplace of Alsatian Vineyards

A fairytale feel in our real world…A colorful village in Alsace, ranked amongst the most beautiful villages in France.

Alsace changed hands between Germany and France through its history. The distinct local culture and countryside coupled with the popular Alsatian Vineyard makes the region a popular tourist destination. Eguisheim in Alsace is a village renowned for its beauty, picturesque streets, and architectural details. The floral decoration of the village has won many national and European awards. Eguisheim with its year round beauty is a MUST-SEE village in France!

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Eguisheim is an offshoot to Colmar in Alsace with a distinct history and importance. Pope Leo IX was born in the village and the village also holds the credit to Alsatian wines. The village is noteworthy for the unusual concentric-circled streets. These cobbled streets are lined with traditional and brightly painted buildings, making the village a colorful sight. Fountains and floral blossoms are also a common sight, but even better…there are storks in the village!

What to see

Wander along the Rue du Rampart which is one of the most spectacular streets of Eguisheim. It is a long and narrow street that has houses in every color, bow balconies with red geranium flowers and pointed gables lining it. The colorful palette of the street is absolutely amazing. There is a Rue du Rampart Sud which is the south street and it has a narrow house called “Le Pigeonnier” (pigeon house) which is reminiscent of 15th century civil and military architecture.

Further along, is a Chapel built in the neo-roman style with medieval towers that pays tribute to Pope Leo IX. The medallions painted on the walls on the chapel present seven scenes from the life of Pope Leo IX and the stained glasses from 1895 symbolize the lives of the Saints of Alsace.

Eguisheim also boasts of three castles: The Weckmund, The Wahlenburg built in the 11th century and Dagsbourg which was built in the 12th century. The village also has the Chateau of Eguisheim and the fountain called Saint-Leon which is the largest one in Alsace. The small parish churches dedicated to St Peter and St Paul contribute to the heritage of the village.

The village has a Stork sanctuary managed by a private association and open to public. The migratory birds can be seen all around the village as well. The sight of the storks with beautiful floral blossoms and colored buildings make for a beautiful fairytale setup. The village is adorned with many bars and wine cellars making it a popular destination for wine lovers from around the world. The hillside of Eguisheim are covered with vines so much so that the slopes of the “Eichberg” and “Pfersigberg” have been officially classified as “Alsace Grand Cru” vineyards. And although there are only 1600 inhabitants in Eguisheim, 50 are vignerons – winemakers.

Eguisheim even has a monument to Alsatian wine with the ode:

Ode au vin
Mon Dieu donnez moi la vie pour longtemps
de l’Amour de temps en temps
du Boulot pas trop souvent
mais du Vin d’Alsace tout le temps.

( Ode on wine
My God give me life for a long time
Love from time to time
Work not too often
But Alsatian Wine all the time )