Last chance to indulge in fun Halloween things in Florida!

Last chance to indulge in fun Halloween things in Florida!
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Last chance to indulge in fun Halloween things in Florida!

The dark night is upon the Sunshine State!

Hemoglobin deficient, gore fans and icy thrills enthusiasts: indulge in Halloween attractions in Florida, as the last week for Halloween celebrations this year is upon us. Here is a selection some places to treat you to terror…the weak and sensitive should stay away.

House of Horror, the largest haunted house in Miami

Over 2 acres devoted entirely to thrills: rides amid squeaky music, evil clowns and tunes of the undead with chainsaws brandished, that make you jump…and this is only the beginning! The highlight of Park is the haunted house hidden deep inside…and once inside, you cannot be faint of the heart.
Beware, once you enter, you will have no choice but to go through 30 parts of the house, home to torture and instruments of destruction, bathtubs showing splattered blood, shredded members on hooks…howls, screams and moans filling the atmosphere…you are in for a great show!

The designers of the park did not skip anything in offering you a true moment of anguish. Avoid high heels, you may have to run…and fast as zombies get to you!

Quick Info

lien vers site internet HOUSE OF HORROR Amusement Park
1455 NW 107th avenue (Miami International Mall)
Miami, FL 33172

Telephone 305 639 6000
lien vers site internet
Prix $25 per adult $15 for children 6 and under.
Horaires Until November 2nd, 2014.

Hellview Cemetery, when the dead become undead – St Petersburg

Originally known only to a handful of locals, has in 17 years become THE Halloween event not to be missed around here. A path between in moonlight, dark and light, zombies and werewolves, walking dead and undead…fear looming all over! For the record (hold your breath) there is no record to ascertain the identity of those buried in this cemetery…weird, you say weird?

Quick Info

lien vers site internet Hellview Cemetery
510 49th avenue N
St Petersburg, FL 33703

Telephone 727 525 2139
lien vers site internet
Prix Gratuit, fait par des volontaires (adeptes du gore).
Horaires Oct. 18, 24-26, 31, Nov.1 2014 from 7 pm to 10:00 pm.

Official Crawl-O-Ween Bar Crawl in Miami

If you’re wondering where to find the demons, walking dead, sexy vampires and the most morbid city monsters, go to this pub crawl for which a costume is a must – the more gore, the more daring, the better – as you drink potions drafted straight by the bartenders. And an evening like this, needs no introduction!

lien vers site internet Miami Multiple Locations

lien vers site internet

Prix $10 pour la soirée, $15 pour un pass deux jours
Horaires October 31st, 5 pm to 2 am. November 1st, 12pm to 2 am

The fun doesn’t stop there though…

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

En route to an anxiety walk in the company of zombies, walking dead, carcasses, and other really evil monsters.

Universal Studios Orlando Halloween party is the XXL version with 8 different haunted houses: a “Walking Dead“, a “The Cabin in the Woods”, this cabin deep in the woods where you won’t find serenity, a “Resident Evil“, where, yes, the devil stays well in Orlando for Halloween …

Quick Info

lien vers site internet Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Orlando
6000 Universal Blvd,
Orlando, FL 32819

Horaires Until November 1st, 2014

The crazy evening on Lincoln Road

Want more? Head towards Lincoln Road, with your most outrageous, gore or the craziest costume and take pictures, because on October 31, the famous street of Miami Beach goes to town with beverage stands and wacky procession of thousands dressed and determined to make this a dark, sleepless night.

Quick Info

lien vers site internet Halloween on Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Horaires Friday, October 31, 2014

The parties are everywhere…what’s your plan? Trick or treat!


We didn't say it...
Everyday is Halloween, isn't it? For some of us!
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