Why so serious?…Fantasy is a reality here!

Lace, leather, superheroes, body art, parades, parties to celebrate all kinds of fantasies and…Key West Fantasy Fest!

Drag Queens perched high, extravagant outfits and a dissolute atmosphere…Key West unleashes a Halloween celebration in style and all week long, with the Fantasy Fest. An island celebrating it’s craziest week of the year at the Keys.

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Mark your calendars! Fantasy Fest in Key West has started this week and is here until October 27th. With more than a 100,00 people making their way to the island (4 times the normal population…), the Keys is bound to be wild!

Rules are not always party poopers…

A code of conduct established my the Key West authorities defines the parameters of behavior and must be observed during the period of the Fantasy Fest. the code of conduct ensures everything is possible.

To summarize briefly –

  • Hide your body, no skin show– Nudity in public is illegal during the Fantasy Fest. So, make sure you carry some leaves or a cover-up to avoid a full Adam and Eve fantasy display.
  • Paint it all the way– Body painting is permitted within the “Fantasy Zone” and must be done entirely out of public view. So, don’t plan on going down to Duval Street at 8 pm with your palette of 365 colors and letting your creativity loose.
  • Stay in the zone– The area that classifies as Fantasy Zone has strict boundaries. Hence, it is best you stick with the crowd, especially if you drink. Alcohol in plastic or paper containers are permitted within the Fantasy Zone, and stay away from glass containers. Open containers and alcoholic beverages are not permitted once you step out of the zone. Make sure you use the numerous trash cans and recycle bins instead of littering the environment.

Psst: even if you are just passing by, or planning to stay over the weekend book a hotel close to Duval street and then continue on foot as parking can be a major hassle in Key West. But the best thing is to consider renting a bicycle, scooter (vespa) or motorcycle which work cheap on the pocket and great on the enjoyment factor.

That’s all folks…Let the party begin!

The week is all about partying and letting yourself lose in Key West! Let your imagination fly all through the week of October 18th to October 27th, 2013.

All through the week enjoy parties like the 31st Annual Headdress Ball which is the annual fundraiser for the KW Business Guild, one of the oldest Gay and Lesbian Chambers of Commerce. You can also enjoy the ultimate Irish party,or Party in Plaid at Cat Tony’s party catering to all exotic lifestyles and fantasies. And finally, Men of Labare as seen in the movie Magic Mike. Enjoy the famous Labare Dancers for an night of complete satisfaction. Bring out those Tighty Whitey‘s people!

Starting out an early weekend from Thursday? No worries, you are in time for Dante’s 7th Annual Halos and Horns Pool Party. If that doesn’t do it, you have the Blackout Glow Party, a Toga Party, a Pink Party, a Pajama and Lingerie Party etc. You also have a Burlesque and Pole performance contest featuring professional burlesque and pole dancers from all over the world.

TGIF! Bring out your Leather and Lace, Pirate and Wench looks and Superhero Costumes for the various contests. You can start partying at the Masquerade March, the After Party, the Fetish and Fantasy Party or the Pimp and Ho Party! Let’s get it started ha!

Saturday, you can parade in style! Captain Morgan’s Fantasy Fest Parade and the Duval Street Promenade promise free entertainment to one and all. Now, for those who don’t want to explore other areas of fantasy land, Kinky Couples Party and Aloe’s Cirque du Pleasure are your to-go spots. Pleasure all 5 senses…lo and behold!

“It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings”…Wrap up the weekend of partying and fantasy festivities with the last official event of Fantasy Fest at La Te Da. Enjoy the pristine Key West weather and beauty, relax…

Quick info

For all the party info, rules, schedule and planning visit: FantasyFest.com

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