Watch stars of the screen for free under the stars at Miami Beach

A movie, a park, fresh air, moonlight, two steps from Lincoln Road

Forget drive-in’s, they are not very green, the couch and the HDTV not very glamorous, the IMAX which leaves your ears ringing and begging for mercy; try Miami Beach SoundScape Exostage – a movie in moonlight, outdoors in a park, free and once a week.

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Every Wednesday at 8 pm exactly – a huge wall transforms to come to life! A huge canvas, exceptional sound engineering, an audience curled up comfortably on the grass in a relaxed picnic-like atmosphere or on bean bags, camping chairs or using their dogs as head-rests; you are at the Miami Beach SoundScape Exostage, headng into the dream world of cinema.

Movies (all genres) take shape on the huge wall; however, it’s not just movies that make the wall come alive… Operas are also projected in super-size mode with amazing sound quality. Entertainment in fresh air surroundings for movie buffs, music lovers and even the bored ones!

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Quick Info

New World Center – Miami Beach SoundScape ExoStage
1700 Convention Center Drive
(at the corner of 17th Street and Washington Avenue)
Miami Beach, FL 33139

305 673 7577

Every Wednesday at 8:00 pm exactly
The words ”Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” which I saw on an Italian movie poster, are perhaps the briefest statement imaginable of the basic appeal of movies.