European Postpartum Care for American Women by Sophie Libessart

French know-how : Advice by Sohpie Libessart, Physiotherapist in Sunset, Miami

While giving birth is the most wonderful time in a women’s life, the nine months of pregnancy and the labor have a big impact on your pelvic-floor. The baby’s weight puts pressure on it, the increase of hormones (oestrogen and relaxin) and finally the childbirth will stretch the muscles.

The combination of these factors will lead to the loss of tonus and the muscles will not be able to play their role as before. This is unavoidable and can bring serious consequences if left untreated (incontinence, prolapsed womb, back pain, reduced sexual sensation). But although it is unavoidable, it is not irreversible.

[article_sponsor sponsor_id=10676]Pelvic-floor re-education will allow you to regain the strength and the tonicity of your muscles and therefore avoid suffering these complications in the future.

Perineum is certainly one of the most, if not the most important muscle for a woman. It plays a very important role: it is the muscle holding the womb, the bladder, and its’ tonus allows continence by closing the sphincters. And finally, it is the base for a good back health.

If you were in France, the Government would offer you the appropriate treatment at no cost, but in the United States these treatments are only modestly available and must be privately funded. Although many of us have established new roots in this country, many seek the services that used to be available to them.

In the area of South Florida, I am the only physiotherapy specialist who offers these professional at Clinic Libessart.

I am a physio-therapy specialist with formal academic training in the re-education in post-partum care. I graduated from the University du Droit and la Sante of Lille, and for many years I had my own clinic in St. Omer France where treated and helped many young women to improve pelvic floor strength, bladder control and reduce pain in the many related muscles after childbirth.

Should you require such services, you may come for a consultation at my clinic in South Miami. I am looking forward to seeing and helping you.

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