Hélène Gironet, Key West, Key West, Key West! – Member of the French District

L’habitation Guest House Key West.

I have lived in Key West since 1992 where I work in the “Guesthouse business” (Hotel and Guesthouse). I also worked for American Airlines at the Key West airport – My background is in the tourism industry!

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You and your company…

What do you have to offer – services, products, activity?

A small charming hotel in the heart of Key West, for a stay in the Florida Keys.

[article_sponsor sponsor_id=27416] What is the spirit, the nature of your business? What categorizes it?

The small size of my hotel, its tranquility and above all a friendly Franco-American spirit.

Why did you decide to settle in Florida?

I came to Key West on vacation…lost my heart to it and I stayed.

What advice would you give to those who want to move to Florida?

Take the time to come and explore the Keys and Key West, it is unique.

Florida and you…

What do you like in Florida?

I was born and raised in Biarritz. The sea and the European side of Key West immediately found my liking.

What is your favorite place in Florida?

Key West! It is a very nice place with a community of people of all backgrounds, very colorful and very welcoming. It feels good.

The United States and you…

What do you like in the United States?

The spirit and the diversity of people, culture, landscapes. It is my country and now my life.

Contact Hélène Gironet

L’Habitation Guesthouse – Helene Gironet
408 Eaton Street
Key West, FL 33040




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