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I have a Master’s degree in Osteopathy and Physiotherapy from France for the past 27 years and I hold American licenses of “Massage Therapist”, “Fitness trainer” and “Posturologist” allowing me to practice my profession in this country.

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I’m trying to get my degree as a “physical therapist” (physiotherapist in France) for my care to be fully supported by American insurances. My role is to relieve pain and improve everyone’s well-being and their sporting performance.

You and your company…

What do you have to offer – services, products, activity?

Osteopathy – from a baby to the elderly, physiotherapy, endermologie and endermosport, fitness training and weight management, posturology and improvement of athletic performance.

What is the spirit, the nature of your business? What categorizes it?

I have been a therapist for 27 years and the well-being of my customers is fundamental.

Why did you decide to settle in Florida?

The Sun, a simplified life and the determination to give my children a different future.

What advice would you give to those who want to move to Florida?

Be ready on all levels; financial, familial and psychological. Immigration is difficult and you need to be able to fight on all fronts.

Florida and you…

What do you like in Florida?

This is not original… the sun, the sea, the rhythm of life.

What is your favorite place in Florida?

Palm Beach.

The United States and you…

What do you like in the United States?

‘If you want, you can’ – when we want to, we can.

Contact Michel Remesy

Kinesthesis 5300 West Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach, FL 33484 407 490 8052 michelremesy@yahoo.com Kinesthesis-Sport-Performance.com

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