Karine Aubéry, creative interior decor

Karine Aubéry

Being born in the United States and raised in Europe (Switzerland and France), gives me an overview about the expectations of my clients. My taste for decoration and furniture from the 20th century comes from my childhood.

My education in marketing and communication has given me the necessary structure to become the entrepreneur I am today. Passionate about colors and shapes, I can give your home or your furniture a true beauty and elegance in a few hours.

You and your company…

What do you have to offer – services, products, activity?

AUBÉRY” is an “Omni” Creative Design Firm. A store where modern, glamourous and vintage furniture, lamps, paintings and objects from the 20th century are available; a restoration workshop – we restore and repair furniture and other goods whether they are contemporary or 20th century.

From simple alterations to complete restoration, we always have impeccable finishings. A Service Design (A to Z). Familiar with the workings of the profession, I only bring solutions to your problems! “White Gloves Service”.

What is the spirit, the nature of your business? What categorizes it?

AUBÉRY, You Can’t Put A Price on Style!

Why did you decide to settle in Florida?

Year 2000 brought a desire to change my Parisian life; travel the world, need for warmth and heat, blue skies, coconut trees and  deep blue waters, so ” Miami, here I am “. I love the energy Miami exudes with its colors and brightness. I feel at home and I have been coming to the city since I was born.

What advice would you give to those who want to move to Florida?

Visit several times before making the decision to settle down here. Just so you know, nobody waits for you here!

Florida and you…

What do you like in Florida?

Everything, every nook and cranny of Florida is surprisingly diverse. Beaches are not the only thing here.

What is your favorite place in Florida?

Fort Myers and its wild Beach, luxurious shopping malls with unbeatable prices! Saint Pet and Saint Petersburg and the Dali Museum (the most beautiful collection of works apart from the one in Spain), Ocala, Crystal River, the magical landscapes, Saint Augustine where time has stopped…

The United States and you…

What do you like in the United States?

The freedom and realization of having achieved my 2 dreams: My son who is by far my most beautiful creation and my business. Being born in the USA, facilitates many things! Any dream can become reality provided you work hard to get it.

Contact Karine Aubéry

1662 NE 123rd Street 
North Miami, FL 33181

305 893 1015


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