Milk and Honey, the go-to bar in the Flatiron District

A unique and selected right of entry and delicious cocktails in an anti-stars bar.

A drink at the Milk and Honey bar does not just happen. First, because the information for your reservation is kept a secret by its owner. Then, because it’s address is also carefully kept away from the jet-set clientele prohibited in this bar. To get a toe into the Milk Honey, you’ll have to show your credentials…

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You are a nobody, welcome to Milk and Honey…if you can manage to enter that is. For all the glitter, show-biz and the star system, Sasha Petrasque, the owner, wanted to create a bar of X, Y and Z people, selected on a criteria other than ‘namedropping’.

He opened this venture on a simple concept: a bar with entry based on registration or reservation. To enter, you have 2 options:

[article_sponsor sponsor_id=5256]The first is to join the close clan of members. To do this, you need a few clicks on the site, your credit card number to set the $550 registration (minimum) and you will have privileged access to The Rushmore Group in France, London and New York.

The second way to enter is simple – by reservation. Just get the phone number of the bar through a friend who knows someone, who maybe knows someone else, whose cousin has it. If you’re less impatient, you can also send an email to book a reservation on the official website, and once the confirmation is received (sometimes 2 weeks delay), you have until 4 o’clock in the morning to take enjoy.

The entrance does not look like much: an armored door in khaki color with the initials M and H; but on the inside, the atmosphere is chic and cozy and owner is extremely caring.

He carefully prepares each cocktail named Ex Pat, Penicillin, or even Peat’s Word. Payment is accepted in cash only.

Entering the Milk and Honey is a deliberate act, although it is also a responsible act:

  • The rules stipulate that you are responsible for the proper behavior of your guests.
  • Gentlemen, do not attempt to introduce yourselves to the ladies present around you, under penalty of immediate expulsion. At Milk and Honey, it is up to the female to make the first move…or not.

Conclusion: You’re nobody, but you are at Milk and Honey, so you are a little special.

Quick Info (shhh)

Milk and Honey
30 E 23rd St (between Madison Ave & Park Ave S)
New York, NY 10010

Reservations by email:

Photo Credit: Robert K. Chin