Painting Fabio-type men with friends…The Artful Bachelorette

Champagne, art and naked men to toast the end of celibacy.

How to celebrate the last hours of being single and far ways from responsibilities and promises, the Chippendales and cliches? Drawing! The Artful Bachelorette, a new concept for stag girls to make merry with bubbles, girlfriends and male models. You’ll awaken the artist in you…

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This is a rather original concept of a bachelorette: for two hours, the bride-to-be and her friends SIP champagne, nibble some sweets or cheese and play, trying to replicate the sketch of a naked, gorgeous male with his exposed pectorals and velvety form, who is there just for them.


Easels, canvas, pencils, all drawing equipment is provided, along with a trained art teacher who is serious and yet very friendly.

If the male model and his physique leave you with a dry throat, a charming topless server in bow tie will be pleased to bring you refreshments.



The Artful Bachelorette

Where? At two secret locations in New York City
646 470 1760
$85 per person (materials, snacks, champagne and gorgeous male model)

We have the greatest prenuptial agreement in the world. It’s called love.