The Box, the forbidden club in Lower East Side

A chic and shocking cabaret show for a daring evening of Oh Oh!

The Box is this forbidden place which your Mom and your parish priest have long warned you against. Prudes and pond bound frogs stay away, The Box brings forth the intense, enticing the lecherous, in a velvety and glamorous atmosphere. This is one more thing to do before you die. Amen.

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The entry

This is the Lair of sin…But we must show your identity proof before being permitted inside. You enter by reservation ( or 917 280 5977), incognito through a friend of a friend, or because you have been able to highlight your already attractive physique.

The decor reminds you of naughty spaces of the roaring twenties, in the depths of an old factory. Recently renovated, the box also offers a menu for dinner to please your culinary apetite and not only sexual appetite.

Sit at a table (if you have the means) to be quiet, or mingle in the crowd for an even more intense experience. The average price of drinks is  $17.

The show

If striptease and nudity offend you, avoid going to The Box.

The shows combine highly visual choreography with dancers in bare minimum bathing suits, or very artistic almost nude costumes. Striptease bars heat up and ignite the crowd…The Box is on fire.

Go with a very open-mind…The Box guarantees you a libertine evening and a new experience.

Quick Info

Doors open at 11 pm and the show starts at 1 am.

The Box is open every day except on Sundays and Mondays.

Smoking, using your cell phone and taking pictures is prohibited. What happens in The Box, stays in The Box

The Box
189 Chrystie Street
New York, NY 10002

212 982 9301
True mortality makes light of mortality…