May 2013 edition of the Balthazar magazine is here

On the cover: Michael Tilson Thomas, Artistic Director of the New World Symphony




Magazine is available free of cost at the French District office on Lincoln Road:


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More than ever we need our creative sparks…the ones that we breathe, that detach from our thoughts, that blend in. Aren’t events only as important as we make them out to be?
Don’t wait another second, BE INSPIRED!

Build on projects like Miami Beach’s NEW WORLD SYMPHONY, which just celebrated its 25th birthday, imagined and led by Michael Tilson Thomas and Joshua Robison. Music awakens the senses and passion pushes them even farther and higher.

Even if being bankable has become a daily prerequisite, we still need to set aside space in our constant flow of thoughts, and create freedom in our lives. Isn’t mental space, the greatest luxury of all? By dedicating this special issue to BE INSPIRED, I wanted to invite BALTHAZAR MIAMI readers to be conscious of themselves and of others by reading prolific and diverse portraits.
Virtuosity lies in blending genres–uncovering the diurnal rhythm of our lives, and putting the focus on the special divinity each of us harbors.

Gabrielle HB-Abada
Art Editor in Chief of Balthazar Miami

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