Sergent Garcia reporting in Miami on May 4th, 2013

Salsa-reggae group formed around the French Bruno Garcia will be live in concert at PAX on Saturday, May 4, 2013.





Sergent Garcia, is a well known figure in the Latin Alternative and European music scenes. Sergent Garcia’s music is as diverse as his ancestry. Born to French mother he has African cousins and partly Hispanic roots and his music shows an inspiration from all these cultures. Sergent Garcia is known for his mix of ragamuffin and Latin Rhythms with Salsa and Reggae in Spanish and some French.

Enjoy the explosive mixture of Latin music, Reggae, HipHop and Rock.

Quick Info

Sergent Garcia at PAX

Performing Arts Exchange
337 SW 8th Street
Miami, FL

$20 pre-sales booking.
Doors open at 10 pm.

Tickets availiable at

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