Get ready for another week at Villa Azur

The restaurant and bar on South Beach offers a wine tasting event on Wednesday, April 24th, and a musical dinner party on Thursday.





As of every Wednesday, enjoy the wine selection of Villa Azur from 6 pm to 8 pm for $10 per person.

  • Château des Marres, Prestige Rosé, France 2010 – $29.99, 89 POINTS WA
  • Tabali Sauvignon Blanc, Reserva, Chili 2011 – $13.99, 90 POINTS WS
  • Love over Money Tokaji Evolution, Furmint, Hongrie 2011 – $12.99, 89 POINTS WA
  • Tabali Pinot Noir, Reserva, Chili 2011 – $15.99, 90 POINTS WA
  • Béatrice & Pascal Lambert, Chinon Tradition Graves, France 2010 – $25.99, 89 POINTS

And on Thursday, April 26th, Villa Azur will host its famous musical dinner party.

Quick Info

Villa Azur Miami
309 23rd Street
Miami Beach, FL 33139

305 763 8688
Sunday to Saturday: Open from 6:30 pm until late night

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