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Keystone Technologies (dba LINKUS)

I worked for many years in Europe for the Alcatel Group until 2002, when I decided (at the age of 32) to start over in the USA. I have a degree in Computer Science from the INSA institute and hold a MBA degree from the University of Georgia Tech.

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I worked for four years for an IT service company until I received my green card in 2006. That year, I decided to join the IT services company, Keystone Technologies, in which I am now a partner.

You and your company…

What do you have to offer – services, products, activity?

Various computer services such as the management of computer networks (technical support and installation of computer networks for small and medium-sized enterprises, network security, internet, telephony, creation of e-commerce sites, etc.).

What is the spirit, the nature of your business? What categorizes it?

The service to our customers; We consider ourselves the virtual IT Department of our clients who trust us with one of their most valuable corporate assets:
corporate information and communication tools. And as such, we are
listening and giving them a 24/7 service.

Why did you decide to settle in New York?

I studied and traveled extensively in the US. I found New York to be the best conjuncture between European and American cultures.

What advice would you give to those who want to move to New York?

Be prepared to work hard and keep an open mind.

New York and you…

What do you like in New York?

Many things… There is a sense that anything is possible here. More than 160 ethnic groups are represented, it indeed gives a feeling of being in the capital of the World. There is a cultural proliferation and a rather rare mix of cultures which pleases me.

What is your favorite NY city or surrounding area?

There are many different things to do in the city and so many different
great neighborhoods. I particularly like: Greenwich, Soho, Exchange Park, Gramercy Park, Park Slope, Upper West Side.

The United States and you…

What do you like in the United States?

The diversity of this country (geographic, ethnic and cultural) and at the same time its uniqueness. And once again this sense of freedom where everything is possible for EVERYONE.

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