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Just in time for summer, Kusmi Tea is releasing I ♥ My BB Detox, a box of 24 individually wrapped muslin tea bags of Kusmi’s bestselling wellness tea BB Detox.

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Drawing inspiration from the success of its original Detox Tea and the “Beauty Balm” trend in makeup, Kusmi Tea introduced BB Detox in April 2013. BB Detox is the world’s first “Beauty Beverage” that aims to protect, moisturize and detoxify skin from the inside out.

This innovative tea blend combines natural ingredients known for their wellness properties such as green tea, maté, and dandelion with a hint of grapefruit to create a delicious beverage that can be enjoyed hot or iced throughout the day.

The new I ♥ My BB Detox features a sun-yellow box containing 24 hand-sewn muslin tea bags individually wrapped in thin envelopes to preserve the high-quality and distinct taste of the tea.

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