The culture of a free pass from the Miami Dade Libraries

5 museums, 2 parks and 1 zoo visit free for the whole family in Miami.

Who said you still had to pay for everything in the United States? The cultural exception exists here, too, and especially in Miami Dade County through networks of public libraries that offer a “Library Museum Pass Program” (in limited numbers…so shhh!).


The “library” Museum Pass, how does it work?

The pre-requisite

Have access to a Miami Dade library card.  It is granted for free of charge and immediately on request. The only condition is to have domicile in the area of the library. To find out about all the branches, see website

The Library Museum Pass

You have to go get it. Caution – You must use it within 7 days of it being issued. Moreover, it is not for everyone, and the libraries operate on the principle of ‘first come, first served’. Finally, keep the Pass safe, once issued, because it cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

The Pass is valid for a family of 4 persons (2 adults and 2 children), and valid for a single visit. Between the crocodiles of the Zoo and the Italian wonders of the Viscaya, the choice is yours…

Who are the museum pass partners?

All the info:

Shhh! FD Confidential!

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