Miami Food Trucks

Where to taste the culinary culture of the streets in Miami?

Your wallet is crying for help, your stomach is craving good food, or you are always in a hurry; why not use these reasons to hit the streets and test the sidewalk kitchen? After Los Angeles and New York, you can find Foods Trucks, the gourmet kitchens, in Miami. Burgers, tacos, quesadillas, desserts, specialties; Latin, European, Chinese… Discover more than 30 kitchens on wheels in the heart of the city, offering all the gastronomy of the world.

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What are they?

The food truck, a delicious creation that allows you to indulge in good (and not so good) food in many street corners.

Each food truck is different and and each owner represents his country or his specialty.

[article_sponsor sponsor_id=10705] In and around Miami and around, you can find these as also many others:

  • Ms Cheezious rolls ‘grilled cheese‘ sandwiches in many varieties;
  • Gastropub which amazed you with small burgers, pork tacos or fries baked in pork fat (plan to try it at least 3 weeks prior to a check-up with your doctor);
  • Latin Burger and Taco whose name explains the menu: burgers and tacos, with a Latin touch.
  • HipPOP satisfies the passion for ice;
  • Killer Pasta gives pasta sauces for all taste buds.
  • Top Fries where potatoes get cut into sticks decorated with sauces, herbs, cheese…

Where to find them?

Food trucks move – it is the essence of the concept, and present their specialties in different places; they can however be generally found at the same place (owing to the history of convenience of the regulars), and often participate in various events.

Food trucks also come to you when something is happening since many of them have also a catering service. Not exactly and ideal idea for your monthly meetings of broccoli worshiping or if your cholesterol levels already exceed the normal, but it’s quite original for foodies in general.

How to monitors the activity of food trucks?

On the website :

On Facebook :

iPhone App – Burger Beast which allows you to track the movement of the trucks:

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