Throwback to Bordeaux Matchmaking at La Doré – June 5th, 2013

Glasses were full, minds were lifted, Doré was vibrant, and Bordeaux was enjoyed by everyone – June, 5th of 2013.






Arriving at La Doré on June 5th, 2013, you can hear laughter filling up the place and see people dressed to the nines. Bordeaux Matchmaking was happening, and it was on South Beach.

Prior to attending, you had to fill in some survey that would determine what kind of person you are, and would “match” it to the wines that fit you the most. According to your answers, you would be more, let’s say “sweetheart”, “sharp”, “bon chic bon genre” or “easy going”; the wines would be more on the dry side, not too soft, nor too crisp…based on your personality.

To create a feeling of attending a prohibited event, you are greeted by a hostess that gives you the envelope containing all the information about your profile – a table number with 4 tickets to taste 4 wines of your choice, a little note giving a short overview of your personality and the prices of the different wines you will be drinking so you can find them in liquor stores.

As the evening went by, you could enjoy several delicious wines, just a little bit of each – it is a wine tasting after all. If you felt that your persona has changed since you completed the survey, no worries. You could always switch tables, and discover wines that are displayed at others. Wine experts were there to teach you all about Bordeaux Wines, and allow you to enjoy the evening even more – everything is always better when you know the basics, right ?

At La Doré on this particular night, guests could indulge in different wines. If you were at table 3, you could have discovered a delightful Château La Moulinière 2012,a great match to oysters, seafood or shellfish; if you were at table 6, you would have enjoyed a wonderful Château de Viaud-Lalande (Lalande de Pomerol), 2010,and would have known you could drink it along with cheese and steak. At table 9, you could have had a Costes du Château Féret-Lambert, 2009, a great wine to choose for grilled meats.

But the evening was not all about wines; there also was a fashion show by Claudine Stark, Live Music and Pierre Zonzon as a DJ, and guests were on the dance floor to join in to what is a typical night in South Beach; great drinks, great people and great venue.

Find hereafter the pics of this fabulous night on the official website :

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