After school, the day is crazier!

Bonjour NY offers after school programs, which combine creativity, discovery of the French language and culture, arts and crafts – from September 2013.





Bonjour NY offers after school programs where your child will participate in all kinds of activities: dancing, singing, drawing, cooking; while discovering the francophone culture around the world. Vocabulary learnt will be used in interactive games like “Jacques a dit (Simon Says) or Vingt Questions (Twenty Questions)”.  We will play charades and bake chocolate cakes; everything is designed to ensure that your child grows while having fun.

Bonjour New York offers workshops that enable children to learn and discover French language and culture after a school day.

Students are grouped based on their age and their mastery of the French language. The caring and professional team at Bonjour New York uses a variety of teaching strategies to adapt to the needs of each child.

Quick Info

Extra-curricular activities available for children at levels: PS58, PS84, PS163, PS198, PS139, MS51, PS110.
For more information write to:

Bonjour New York
352 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231

917 887 2771

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