Celebrate every occasion with flowers – Mother’s Day, Birthdays…

Don’t wait until Mother’s Day to give flowers: Agnes de Villarson offers different package deals for floral decorations and bouquets from weekly, monthly,…Indulge in the gift of flowers.





Elegance and the art of living of the French come together in each of the bouquets created by Agnès de Villarson. Her creativity and charm are visible in the floral arrangements that go hand in hand with a consistent effort to fit all budgets, without having to sacrifice quality.

For an original present and one sure to please, consider bouquets. A bouquet per month, or per week, over given period of time, is bound to give pleasure to the recipient. Decide the budget, frequency and time range, Agnès de Villarson takes care of the rest.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, or a birthday, or any special occasion, the floral arrangements and bouquets from Agnès de Villarson with their delicate and refined design are a proof of love, care and friendship.

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