Foie Gras lovers can now share their passion through a club at Le Comptoir.

Brooklyn restaurant launches the “Foie Club” to celebrate Chef Sebastien Chamaret’s creations.


Foie Club

Foie Gras can now be devoured and relished at the Foie Club courtesy of Chef Sébastien Chamaret.

Le Comptoir has catered to Brooklyn foodie’s and their gourmet cravings of Crême Brûlée and Foie Gras right since the day they opened shop in Brooklyn.

Foie Extravaganza” is a prix fixe menu offered at Le Comptoir for $90 per person besides a regular à la carte menu. The menu includes delicacies like apricot sauce, ravioli and porcini, a foie escalope, and the famous crème brulee with apple sauce topping. The food will be accompanied by a specially chosen selection of wines to enrich the experience.

Exposition “Hands, Mirror of our Soul”

Reservations can be at

Photographer Emmanuel Cayere will be showcasing his work on the weekend of Febraury 23, 2013. Through this exposition called “Hands, Mirror of our Soul” she portrays her unique vision of hands and face.

We are what we do and our hands are our tools

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