Art of healing the Homeopathic way

The Alternative Medicine College of Canada offers a distance learning program specializing in Homeopathy in addition to the Natural Health Practitioner program.

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Alternative Medicine College of Canada offers programs and correspondence courses, with the choice of workshops and practice, in numerous fileds associated with alternative medicine like: Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal medicine, Homeopathy, Energy and Chinese medicine. Training is personalized and offers the support of a tutor throughout the course of training.

In addition to Health Care Practitioner training, they also offer the Homeopath Diploma. This program gives specialized training in homeopathy and biotherapies. This knowledge makes it possible to perform in-depth treatments and diagnosis, for both chronic as well as functional diseases.

This specialization includes three courses devoted to homeopathic medicine, and a fourth course on supplements (drainage, organotherapy, vaccine strains, biochemical salts) and a fifth course on the ‘know-how’ (clinical case studies).

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Learn more about the program at :

Alternative Medicine College of Canada
514 270-5318