The Artist and the Model – A film that cannot be missed

Cohen Media Productions present – The Artist and The Model, a film from the Academy Award winning director Fernando Trueba; now playing in New York and Los Angeles and in San Francisco from August 16th.

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Summer of 1943. In occupied France, an aged sculptor, Marc Cros (Jean Rochefort) and his wife (Claudia Cardinale) live in a village near the Spanish border. One day, his wife brings home a beautiful young Spanish woman from the street, Merce (Aida Folch). A pure and beautiful relationship is then established between Marc and Merce, when she poses for what will be the last work of the sculptor.  A film of pure and simple beauty that presents the relationship between a man who is approaching the end of life, and a young woman who is at the dawn of hers.

The Artist and the Model will be played in New York at the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas from August 2nd, 2013, in Los Angeles at the Landmark from August 2nd as well and in San Francisco at the Opera Plaza Cinema, from August 16th, 2013.

Quick Info

The Model and the Artist

  • In New York, from August 2nd, at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas
  • In Los Angeles, from August 2nd, at Landmark
  • In San Francisco, from August 16th, at the Opera Plaza Cinema
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